Getting Started

The first step in making an appointment is determining which therapist fits for your needs at this time. By clicking on therapist photos and reading their profiles, you can identify what specialty areas they have, as well as what insurance they take. All therapists have a private pay rate that they can discuss with you by phone or email if you are not insured. You may also start your search by looking at our Services page and following links for specific symptoms or therapeutic techniques.

Our therapists schedule their own clients and sessions because this approach helps to ensure a good fit with your presenting concerns, as well as with other factors such as availability, cost, and compatibility. Once you have selected a therapist that looks right for you, call or email that therapist, asking for a new client appointment. As our therapists are often in session throughout the day, we encourage email as a first point of contact. This gives you more opportunity to outline your needs, and our therapists can respond more quickly via email than by phone.

Your cost for a counseling session depends on your insurer. If you do not have insurance, you can talk with the therapist directly to find out their private pay rate, but you can expect a range from $100-$180 per session depending on the provider and location. If you have insurance, your insurance company sets its own rates, and each policy tier or plan type has different out-of-pocket costs. Contact the member services line on the back of your insurance card to check on costs. We do not guarantee that your specific insurance plan covers our services, and you are responsible for any costs not covered by your insurer. We do ask for payment at the time of initial service and can collect payments in session or offer a secure credit-card-on-file option for ongoing charges.

Once you have established a first appointment, the therapist will email you a link via which you can complete necessary paperwork. We will also include as an attachment a copy of our privacy policy, as well as a brief overview of what to expect and the limitations of our services. Please review these forms so you can follow up with any questions prior to your first appointment. Please note that for your privacy and security, the online intake forms cannot be saved; they must be completed in one sitting. These intake forms help us gather necessary information about your insurance, your background, and your presenting concerns.

If you are completing these forms on behalf of a minor child, please include that child in the process so that they feel their own experience is accurately reflected. The more information you can provide in detail, the easier it is for us to focus on your presenting concerns during the first meeting.

Therapy can be brief, just one to five sessions to address a specific concern, or it can be a longer process that can last many years. We do not have an expectation of how long you will need our services, and we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs, even as those needs may evolve during the course of therapy.

We often see clients weekly for a period of time and then move to less-frequent sessions to ensure that new skills and symptom reduction are integrated with less therapeutic support. For many people, symptoms can increase or new life events arise over time, at which time your therapist will talk with you about increasing the frequency of your sessions or offer you other additional resources. Overall, we want you to feel reassured that you will be a part of the treatment planning process and that you do not need to know in advance what you need to heal or how long that healing process will take.