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The Centered Practice Team2021-07-22T11:08:15+00:00

The Centered Practice Team

Roberta Cullen — St. Paul
Roberta Cullen — St. PaulMA, LMFT
Ramona Eakman — St. Paul
Ramona Eakman — St. PaulMA, LPCC
Kathy Erb Caron — St. Paul
Kathy Erb Caron — St. PaulMSW, LICSW
Rachel Gustin — St. Paul
Rachel Gustin — St. PaulMA, LMFT, RYT, AYS
Carla Hill — St. Paul
Carla Hill — St. PaulMSW, LICSW
Katie Jacobi — Northfield
Katie Jacobi — NorthfieldMSW, LICSW
Susan Lohmann — Northfield
Susan Lohmann — NorthfieldMSW, LICSW
Carrie Menk — Northfield
Carrie Menk — NorthfieldMSW, LICSW
Shodo Spring — Northfield
Shodo Spring — NorthfieldMSW, LICSW
Kari Prestemon — Northfield
Kari Prestemon — NorthfieldMSSW, LICSW
Sarah Simpson — St. Paul
Sarah Simpson — St. PaulMA, LMFT, BCB