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Rachel Gustin – St. Paul Office

Rachel Gustin – MA, LMFT, RYT, AYS

Rachel Gustin

I believe it is a privilege to witness another’s healing journey.  I am interested in helping people live fully present and awake in their lives and in providing them with a more embodied sense of power.  Throughout the course of life, many things happen that get in the way of living fully present, and I am a witness for clients as they identify these events and integrate them into their lives in a new way that will empower them to participate fully in their lives and to take charge of their life path in a new way.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with adolescents, adults and families in a variety of settings.  Through therapy and coaching I address issues of the nervous system and limbic system (the part of the brain related to emotions and survival) to teach clients the skills to regulate themselves and to provide them with self-leadership – being in charge of their own bodies and minds.  A task in most therapy sessions is to work on maintaining calmness and feeling safe in different situations, working toward the ultimate goal of feeling profoundly content in the body while moving through life.  In addition to supporting traditional therapy goals of feeling more mentally and emotionally stable, this approach can bring my clients increased immunity and overall health and well-being.

I also provide Ayurvedic consultation and lifestyle coaching. Ayurveda (pronounced eye-your-vay’-dah) is a Sanskrit word that means “the knowledge of life.” Ayurveda is a holistic way of viewing an individual and his/her unique constitution, as well as the many factors that influence health and wellness.  Ayurveda is a healing system and provides daily living practices that supports overall health and wellness. Dinacharya, or daily self care, will be part of every Ayurvedic healing plan. The goal of dinacharya is self care, observation, and increasing awareness.  Ayurveda consultations may include dosha assessment, health and wellness goals, nutrition and food guidance, and private yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions.

My blend of formal psychotherapy training and Yoga/Ayurveda training and experience provides a new and unique approach to your challenges.  I hold a deep respect for both Western and Eastern healing modalities and my work reflects an integration of those perspectives.

I received my Master of Arts in counseling and student personnel psychology (with an emphasis on community mental health) and a Specialist Certificate (in marriage and family therapy) from the University of Minnesota. I have been licensed as a marriage and family therapist since 2001. I have studied and practiced yoga for more than 20 years, and I am a registered yoga teacher at the 500-hour level and a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist.  My yoga training, including breathwork and meditation, is from the Himalayan Traditions and ParaYoga. I also have extensive training and experience working with traumatic stress and grief and loss, and I am certified in hypnosis through the University of Minnesota Medical School and the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I am also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).  All of these skills aid me in my work with individuals who have experienced complex trauma.


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